Flight Safety? But I’m busy!

And the collective sigh…..

Yes, we all know that phrase “In the name of safety….” and it normally adds a headache to whatever it is that we’re doing.

You’re working through your pre-flight checklist and wondering why it is so long and you aren’t even close to committing aviation and you get that feeling that somewhere down the line, someone was having a bad day and thought “I know what will really annoy people years from now, making him check the magiggy hinge for absolutely no reason!”

Whilst it can sometimes feel like that, when it comes to flight operations, flight safety is number one and we do everything to drill that safety mentality. into the heads of all budding aviators.

Whilst teaching does go a long way (I personally have what I call “the Tail Rotor of Motivation” which is an old tail rotor blade that forms the perfect tool to nudge students in the right direction) why aren’t we always safe?

Well, things aren’t quite as simple as “You have been taught to be safe, therefore you are.” It is an ongoing commitment from everyone to safety. This takes time, effort and support.

And again the collective sigh…. Yes, yes. I can feel it, I know it’s there.

Any operator or flight school worth their approvals will have drummed home the importance of following all of these checks and procedures!

But let’s say you’re quite busy, you’re in a rush and do skip this and miss that, what’s the harm? Well, probably nothing initially. Yes, I really did just say that. As the swiss cheese model says, a series of errors need to line up to create an undesired aircraft state and possible accident. So nine times out of ten, by missing something, you probably won’t have an issue. But how do you know which of your flights are that one in ten? I have yet to meet a psychic pilot!

What the swiss cheese model also tells us is that by carrying out our procedures accurately and not missing items, we have prevented an undesirable situation from even developing, which means less for us to deal with in the cockpit and we can then focusing on all the other things going on that we inevitably pop up, therefore making us a better pilot.

When it comes to gaining our license, we have a continuous commitment to keeping our flying skills current as we don’t want to put all those hours of hard work during flight training to waste. We have our checks and procedures drummed into us too, wouldn’t it be a shame to let it all go to waste because you’re running a little late or for a grumpy passenger?


Keep Calm.

Keep Safe.

Keep your needles in the green.






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